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#48: 3 Proven Types of $2K-$10K Email Campaigns

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When thinking of nonprofit fundraising, our minds typically go towards the classics: major events with all the bells and whistles (venue, food, drinks, live and silent auctions, raffle prizes); annual campaigns with their letters, postcards and endless followup; maybe peer-to-peer drives, either through a walk-a-thon or social media effort.

But what about an effort that could quickly (two weeks) infuse a substantial amount of money ($2,000 to $10,000) into your nonprofit’s...

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#46: Why Your Nonprofit Needs 'Style'

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I sometimes get raised eyebrows when I suggest to clients that they need to get a style guide together to protect their brand.

“Is that really necessary?” I’ve been asked. “I mean, hey, we’re not Nike or McDonald’s.”

And it’s true - these nonprofits aren’t selling sneakers or Big Macs. What they have to communicate is even more important. When the public sees their logos, images or messaging, they need to know that a nonprofit is...

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#30: A Power Tool To Make You a Better Nonprofit Marketer….and so much more!

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There are certain things that we do that not only make us healthier, happier human beings, they make us more effective doing the work we love. Getting enough sleep, eating right and exercising are the Big Three.

But there’s another one you might want to try if you aren’t doing it: meditating.

This is the tool I turn to time and again in both my personal and professional life. It not only reduces stress, it helps boost my creativity. It’s the break I treat myself too...

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#23: How To Harness The Power To Make Data Driven Marketing Decisions for Your Nonprofit

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When it comes to marketing - numbers matter.

They are essential in determining how your nonprofit’s marketing efforts are doing. You keep a pulse on things like email open rates, donation dollars and engagement numbers on social media because that data helps you determine your next steps.

It’s also helpful to look at the bigger picture and check out reports showing overall marketing trends for the nonprofit sector. There are several good surveys and reports that come...

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