#46: Why Your Nonprofit Needs 'Style'

branding marketing strategy resource tools Aug 10, 2019

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I sometimes get raised eyebrows when I suggest to clients that they need to get a style guide together to protect their brand.

“Is that really necessary?” I’ve been asked. “I mean, hey, we’re not Nike or McDonald’s.”

And it’s true - these nonprofits aren’t selling sneakers or Big Macs. What they have to communicate is even more important. When the public sees their logos, images or messaging, they need to know that a nonprofit is making an impact, and that investing in them (whether through donations, volunteer time or leadership) is a wise investment. 

One way to make sure a nonprofit brand gets the respect it deserves is by establishing a guide that ensures the nonprofit’s logo, colors, icons, slogans, and more are presented in a consistent and professional manner.  Not having a style guide can result in a hodgepodge of styles or approaches that can be seen as chaotic or, much worse, indicate a lack of cohesion within the organization itself.

Nobody wants that.

In addition to the podcast, I have some additional style guide resources for you below, including a link to the amazingly comprehensive charity:water brand guide and a simple, one-page checklist of what you might want to include in your own organization’s guide.

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