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#102: Save Time & Grief with Creative Briefs

Have you ever felt like you aren’t on the same page as the people you are creating marketing collaterals for? You spend time and effort creating a brochure or webpage or advertisement only to hear: “That’s not quite what we were looking for?”

Frustrating, right? 

That’s where a “creative brief” comes in, a two page (at most) document that can serve as your North Star as you develop collaterals or digital marketing campaigns and ensure that...

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#74: Why Instagram Is Worth Your Nonprofit’s Time

Are you using Instagram as part of your regular social media outreach for your nonprofit? And if so,  is it a once-in-a-while thing, or a big part of your social media strategy for 2020? Or have you not taken the IG leap at all? 

Wherever you are on your Instagram journey, this podcast talks about why you should take the IG plunge - or the recent trends and strategies you might not be aware of even if you are a dedicated Instagramer. 

Here are the highlights:

  • [9:40]: Is...
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#46: Why Your Nonprofit Needs 'Style'

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I sometimes get raised eyebrows when I suggest to clients that they need to get a style guide together to protect their brand.

“Is that really necessary?” I’ve been asked. “I mean, hey, we’re not Nike or McDonald’s.”

And it’s true - these nonprofits aren’t selling sneakers or Big Macs. What they have to communicate is even more important. When the public sees their logos, images or messaging, they need to know that a nonprofit is...

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