#126: What Your Nonprofit Loses When You Ignore Marketing

branding communication strategy marketing strategy podcast Sep 17, 2021

People who work in the nonprofit space are acutely aware that everything they do - or fail to do - can have an impact on their ability to fulfill their organization’s mission. 

Those in a leadership position, Executive Directors or CEOs, have an added responsibility. They must ensure that a nonprofit’s resources (including staff time) are used in a way that maximizes their impact. 

It involves a lot of hard decisions. And the hardest one might be how much to invest in marketing.

Collectively, the nonprofit sector has a long history of wanting to downplay the importance of marketing and communications, failing to appreciate in full its role in successfully running an organization. A prevailing philosophy is that the most effective nonprofits spend the least on administrative costs.

(Which, by the way, isn’t true.)

In this podcast, we flip the script. Instead of talking about the expense associated with marketing efforts, we explore what it costs when a nonprofit doesn’t get the word out - strategically and effectively - to its supporters, volunteers, and potential clients. 

This episode makes the case for why marketing effectively is not only good ROI for a nonprofit, it’s essential for its growth and effectiveness of its mission.

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