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#78: COVID-19 Communications for Your Nonprofit

You and your nonprofit are needed more than ever right now.

Whether you are on the frontlines of the coronavirus battle, providing basic needs as lives are being upended by COVID-19 or the fundraiser for a school that has been shuttered by the virus, you are needed.  

So now is not the time to shy away from marketing and fundraising. 

The focus of this podcast is to get you comfortable with moving forward in marketing your mission and asking for support. You’ve got to...

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#77: Marketing Your Mission in Uncertain Times

Times of uncertainty - like the one we are all going through right now -  are exactly when your nonprofit should double down and reach out more to your audiences and supporters. 

  • To clarify what you are doing. 
  • To connect with your various audiences. 
  • To build on the relationships you have. 
  • And, sometimes, just to share some good news during a time of adversity.

Today’s bonus podcast is about doing just that - keeping the lines of communications open during...

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#73: How You Can Captivate with Content

What the heck is content anyway?

This comes up a lot when I work with my nonprofit clients as we create their marketing strategy. Often it’s because they think content is only one thing - the written prose used in their blogs, e-communications or social media posts.

But content is so much more. At its most basic, it’s anything that you create in any format that educates, informs or inspires people about your nonprofit.  

This episode goes into what content is and my...

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#70: Marketing & Psychology - Why Giving Feels So Good

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Why does giving feel so good? 

Today we explore the psychology behind “neuromarketing,” why scientists believe that generosity is hard-wired into our psyches - and how nonprofit marketers can tap into and honor those altruistic impulses.

Not only that, but I’ll discuss some practical examples of the things your nonprofit can do that will help potential donors to give to your organization. 

Because even though most of us have generous impulses, it still...

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#66: Want Better Email Open Rates in 2020? Make It Personal.

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Welcome to 2020!

One way to make it more likely that your emails are seen (and opened) this year is to employ personalization. Personalization makes your emails feel more like one-to-one conversations instead of a generic, mass communication.

So what is personalization? Basically, it’s taking what you know about your audiences and leveraging that information to make your emails more personal. The simplest version of personalization is using a person’s name in the email...

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#64: What Should Be In Your 2020 Nonprofit Marketing Plan

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The end of the year is almost here and while I’m guessing you are deep into your final fundraising push for 2019, I’d like you to take a quick little break with me to think about the coming year. 

I don’t know about you, but thinking about the new year always gets me ramped up. It’s like when I was little and getting ready for the first day of school and I had my new clothes and notebooks and pencil carrier and Fraggle Rock lunch box and - oh my gosh,...

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#62: Create Captivating Annual Reports Digitally

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I suspect all of us in the nonprofit sector have asked ourselves this question at one time or another: are annual reports worth it? All the time researching and writing, coming up with an engaging way to share the highlights of the past year - and that nagging feeling that no one really reads them.

I believe annual reports still have value, but you might want to consider moving from a more traditional printed publication (even if “printing” for you is creating a PDF and...

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