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#102: Save Time & Grief with Creative Briefs

Have you ever felt like you aren’t on the same page as the people you are creating marketing collaterals for? You spend time and effort creating a brochure or webpage or advertisement only to hear: “That’s not quite what we were looking for?”

Frustrating, right? 

That’s where a “creative brief” comes in, a two page (at most) document that can serve as your North Star as you develop collaterals or digital marketing campaigns and ensure that...

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#73: How You Can Captivate with Content

What the heck is content anyway?

This comes up a lot when I work with my nonprofit clients as we create their marketing strategy. Often it’s because they think content is only one thing - the written prose used in their blogs, e-communications or social media posts.

But content is so much more. At its most basic, it’s anything that you create in any format that educates, informs or inspires people about your nonprofit.  

This episode goes into what content is and my...

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#68: What Nonprofits Can Learn From This AMAZING Speech

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On this very special day when we celebrate the great civil rights leader, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I wanted to talk about how much Dr. King’s work has to show us about how we communicate our mission and our vision as organizations that are looking to change the world and make it a better place.

As the cartoonist and blogger Hugh MacLeod once noted, selling on item on TV via advertising is marketing, but so is the “I Have a Dream” speech. And there...

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#56: How Your Nonprofit Can Leverage Content

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In the nonprofit marketing world, content is king. It's what emotionally connects your cause to your audience, helping you retain current supporters - and find new ones. 

And content creation has amazing ROI - it’s something that you (or a talented volunteer) can develop at little to no cost, other than the time you take to do it. 

Today’s episode covers three key aspects of your nonprofit's content: 

  • how to audit what you have to make sure it is current...
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Cindy May Q&A: What’s the average email open rate for nonprofits?


Plus my guide to creating 'freemiums' to help build your email list. Grab it here for free!

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Cindy May Q&A: What type of content will help your nonprofit get more engagement on your Facebook page?


Things have changed and you might be surprised. Watch my quick marketing tip video hear the latest.

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Checklist + Samples to make sure your donation page has all the essential elements needed to convert and collect donations!