Meet Our Leadership Team

Cindy May, Digital CEO 


For more than two decades I have worked with nonprofits and it’s because I believe they are essential to humanity, and I want to be a part of that goodness in the world. 

I’ve dedicated my entire career to serving nonprofits. 

I have donated, volunteered, served on marketing committees, been on dozens of boards as an executive committee member and board chair. I’ve emceed events and have raised millions of dollars for nonprofits. 

But my superpower is digital marketing. 

I love it and I do it with passion, purpose and intention each and every day, and here’s why. 

Digital marketing and communications helps nonprofits make the greatest impact possible.  

With a website, social media channels, and email list the smallest nonprofit can connect with as many people as the biggest nonprofit in the online world. 

That’s marketing empowerment. 

Sure, it takes time, talent and marketing smarts but that’s the reason I’ve gathered a team of experts alongside me to make that happen. 

We are dedicated and determined to delivering extraordinary results, and our approach is fueled by strategy. 

We love what we do, and we do it well. 

My promise to myself, my team and my clients is always to do my best, because the work we do is incredibly important. 

Breece Callahan, Digital Marketing Manager  

(Social Media and Fundraising Certified)


They say my generation (GEN-Z), is the first never to know the world without the internet. 

It’s true, I’m ever-connected, know how to multitask on many screens and am active on social media pretty much every day. 

Because of that however, I can say with confidence I know how to figure things out. It’s kind of my superpower. 

And in the online world, that takes lots of clicking around. 

The fact that I get to do it for organizations that are making the world a better place in my role as the Digital Marketing Manager for Cindy May Marketing, inspires me to do it more and even better than I’ve done it before. 

My aim is to make every social media post, reel, story or digital ad, go viral. 

It’s happened a few times and no doubt it will happen a few times more. 

I do it all knowing the digital drive I have to make a difference for the nonprofits we serve is vital. 

With every click, view, and comment their good work is being noticed. 

I can direct dollars towards their cause with an awesome digital ad campaign. 

I can help those in need of life-altering services and support connect with an organization with a tap on their phone. 

It’s more than marketing that we do. We’re helping to make the world a little better through each nonprofit we work with. 

That makes me happy, and ready to get to work each day. 

April Gavin, Digital Business Manager  


As a former journalist, I know your nonprofit has many, many wonderful stories to share. These narratives can play a huge role in gaining the support you need to continue changing the world. 

It’s thrilling when I can help a nonprofit identify and share their stories in a way that is emotionally compelling and powerful - but never exploitative of the clients or cause being served. 

The missions of nonprofits inspire me, every single day. The range of work being done, and how people come together for the common good, is astonishing. 

And while I’m a pretty good researcher, strategist, and writer, it’s my enthusiasm for your cause that’s my “superpower.” 

I’m fortunate to be part of the Cindy May Marketing team that works to elevate a wide variety of nonprofits, which makes every day a different adventure.

Through digital marketing, we’ve put a spotlight on organizations that provide basic needs in times of crisis; launched programs to help save both domestic animals and endangered species; promoted community theater and symphony orchestras.

Our job is to help the helpers, to lift up organizations so they can lift up their clients, and to bring people together to rally around a cause.

It would be my honor to help generate that support for your nonprofit.


Cindy's Community Involvement

"I've been honored, inspired and enriched by serving and learning through participation on these boards and educational programs."