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#61: 2020 Social Media Marketing Motivation

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Social media has become so ingrained into our daily lives (and marketing plans) that we often just keeping plugging along with our posts and tweets and Instagram shots because it’s what we are expected to do, instead of treating it as a powerful outreach tool for our nonprofits.

To give you some social media marketing motivation for the upcoming year, today’s podcast does a dive into what’s trending in social media, what you need to be on the lookout for and what you...

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#24: How To Market Your Mission Efficiently AND Effectively

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Marketing automation has really ramped up nonprofits’ ability to reach more people more often and to keep in touch with your donors, volunteers, partners, and supporters. Even on those days when there’s no chance to make a call or send a personal missive, automation makes sure you are top of mind through texts, emails or social media posts.

But is all this automation a bad thing? Do you sacrifice effectiveness in order to get efficiency? Does it make things too...

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#20: Nonprofits Love-Hate Relationship with Social Media Marketing

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As nonprofit marketers this one might be a little hard for us to admit.

It’s that love-hate relationship we have with social media marketing.

Love it when it brings people closer to our cause, gets people engaged and excited about the impact of our mission.

When lovely comments are posted, posts are shared with lots of likes, and of course when donations are made through social media.

Those are for sure the ‘love social media’ days.

Hate it when no one seems to...

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Smart Nonprofit Marketing Tip: How & Why You Should Use GIFs


It’s a tough, competitive market out there in the digital world. There’s an overwhelming amount of content, and just not enough hours in the day to view it all. Worse, our attention spans seem to get shorter with every passing day.

Given these challenges, how does a savvy nonprofit marketer like yourself make your messaging stand out from the crowd?

One of my passions is helping small nonprofits stay up to day with tools and insights on what’s working now in the world...

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