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#95: Marketer on a Mission: Google AdGrant Expert Steven Aguiar

So your nonprofit got itself a Google AdsGrant. Good for you! 

Now the real work begins. 

That’s the word from Steven Aguiar, founder of Good Goes Further and this week’s Marketer on a Mission interviewee. Steven helps nonprofits create and execute plans for digital growth using the expertise he gained while transforming marketing at MTV, The FADER, and the Players’ Tribune.

During our interview, he talks about how Google AdGrants Work and how nonprofits can...

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#92: ‘Micro’ Monthly Giving Campaigns: How to Re-engage Donors in Uncertain Times

A question for nonprofits right now is what we can do as marketers to shore up our organization’s financial position as we weather this prolonged crisis. 

One option is to seek out new donors, but that can be an expensive way to go - about 10 times more expensive than retaining a current donor. But you’ve probably reached out to your current donor base (possibly more than once) during this challenging time. 

Where else can you turn? 

Well, there is a group that...

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#67: Your Nonprofit Can’t Ignore THIS in 2020

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Convincing you that monthly giving programs are worth doing isn’t that hard. Report after report shows that recurring donation programs have great ROI, provide a steady, predictable flow of funds for your organization and are a powerful tool in donor retention. 

But it has to be done right.

Launching a recurring donation program is more than adding a monthly giving button, announcing the option exists and hoping for the best.  

Launching a recurring donation...

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#58: Is the Problem Your Donation Page?

Do you ever find yourself in this situation?

You’ve sent out a killer fundraising email, and you know you’re on the right track because there’s a lot of opens. Even better, people are clicking through to your donation page.

But then the numbers take a dive and your potential donors just disappear. The conversions just aren’t there.

If that’s happening to you, it might be that your donation page is letting you down. 

Donation Page Essentials

Today’s episode is about the...

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#52: How Your ‘Thank You’ Email Can Boost Donations

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Beyond good manners, why is it important to thank people for their donations? 

In addition to the practical reason of acknowledging the gift and sending a receipt, saying thank you can be the start - or continuation - of a beautiful partnership with your benefactor.

It’s your chance to educate them about the impact their gift will have; to make them more aware of how they, by donating to you, are helping to change the world. And every time you do - because you should thank...

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#48: 3 Proven Types of $2K-$10K Email Campaigns

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When thinking of nonprofit fundraising, our minds typically go towards the classics: major events with all the bells and whistles (venue, food, drinks, live and silent auctions, raffle prizes); annual campaigns with their letters, postcards and endless followup; maybe peer-to-peer drives, either through a walk-a-thon or social media effort.

But what about an effort that could quickly (two weeks) infuse a substantial amount of money ($2,000 to $10,000) into your nonprofit’s...

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#27: How To Increase Retention With More Steady Cash Flow

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Here’s an eye-popping number - 40%.

That’s how much nonprofit monthly giving programs increased last year, and there’s no signs of this trend slowing down in 2019.

It’s easy to understand why everyone loves recurring gift programs: small donations that automatically renew make giving more manageable and convenient for your nonprofit’s supporters. Meanwhile, they provide more predictable funding and higher retention rates for heart-centered...

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Cindy May Q&A: The dilemna of an aging audience of donors. What to do?

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#16 How NOT to Lose 81% (today’s average) of Your New Donors

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You work way too hard to lose 81% of your new donors.

That’s the average today, and I say no way!

In today’s podcast episode I’m sharing three very specific new donor communication strategies that I’ve used to help nonprofits keep between 45%-60% of their new donors.

It’s a three step communication process that includes:

  • How to best welcome and thank new donors
  • Share the impact of your organization
  • Get them connected to your larger community of...
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#12 How To Get Your Emails Asking For Donations Opened

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Email is a mighty marketing machine, indeed!

As more and more nonprofit marketers embrace email marketing (which is awesome by the way!), there seems to be a great deal more focus on what goes into those emails instead of what can be done to get those emails opened.

And let’s face it. If no one opens your emails, it doesn’t much matter what’s inside, does it?

It’s your email subject lines that need marketing love first and foremost!  

In today’s podcast...

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