#117: VidMob Gives and the Power of (Short) Nonprofit Videos

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If a picture is worth 1,000 words, how much is a video - even a short one - worth? 10,000 words? 100,000? A million? 

Video is the ultimate storytelling device, says Burr Purnell, the Director of Social Good at VidMob Gives, and using it gives nonprofits an easy, fast, and affordable way to amplify their message to the world. 

VidMob helps brands create digital video ads with expert teams. But for every 20 or so videos it produces for commercial clients, it also provides a free video for nonprofits through its VidMob Gives foundation. 

Primarily, these videos are seen on social networks, so it’s not the 5 to 10 minute videos you produce for your annual meetings. Instead, think of 6 or 10 or 15 seconds - the amount of time you might spend on a video as you are scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feed. 

In this interview, Cindy and Burr discuss:

  • Why user generated content and authenticity might be more important than “polish” in your videos
  • How “the end is the beginning” in short videos (spoiler alert: don’t save your Call to Action for the final seconds)
  • How “visual hierarchy,” use of contrasting colors and plenty of white space can make your videos more compelling, 

Burr also discusses how VidMob Gives works. Click here to learn more.

VidMob social links: 

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