#109: 7 Words That Inspire Giving This Year

communications donations fundraising podcast Nov 22, 2020

As you fine-tune your end-of-year appeals, it’s worth thinking about the words that - when used judiciously - can inspire people to give to your cause. 

Below you’ll find a link to one of my most popular guides about the 20 or so words that are powerful and proven to impact donations. But in today’s podcast, I’m focusing on seven words and phrases to consider as you craft your ‘asks’ for support. 

  • A few are from my list of favorites. 
  • Two are brand new to reflect the times we’re living in today. 
  • And one actually isn’t a word - it’s a variable - but it might be the most important string of letters you use in your copy. 

So take a few minutes to listen as we explore the words that grab people’s attention, make your cause compelling, and give supporters a reason to get behind your mission.

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