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#108: Marketer on a Mission: Anne Stefanyk of Kanopi Studios -- Top 10 Performance Tips for Your Nonprofit’s Website

You’d never buy a house and neglect to do the maintenance, right? 

Website agency founder and CEO Anne Stefanyk of Kanopi Studios, this week’s Marketer on a Mission, says you should treat your nonprofit’s website the same way. 

You’ve spent a lot of time and money creating that online presence and it should last you at least 10 years, she says, as long as you do the maintenance.

Or, to put it another way, the launch of your website isn’t the end of the...

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#101: Getting ‘Geeky’ with Google Analytics

Technology and information are wonderful things, but sometimes it’s easy to get lost in all the data.

That’s particularly true when we are trying to measure the success of our marketing efforts.

Take all the metrics that go into a Google Analytics Report. There’s hundreds of them and you can get lost and overwhelmed in all the numbers. 

But there is a way to narrow down the data, and find the right stats to help you make your website better and more welcoming. 


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#98: What To Do Before, During & After Your Facebook Live

Live interactive video is simply part of the world we live in right now. For most - if not all - of us, it’s the main way we are connecting on both a personal and professional level. Just how many Zoom calls were you on this week? :-)

Which probably means that you’ve become a lot more comfortable with being on camera and live. So why not turn this new-found confidence into another way to get the word out about your nonprofit.

Today’s episode is all about best practices you...

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#97: Your Nonprofit Marketing Funnel Fix

When you have a special campaign - either to raise funds, promote an event, recruit volunteers, or get others to advocate on your behalf - you’ll have several ways you get the word out. Maybe it’s an email or a social media post. And that will often involve driving folks to your website, hopefully to a dedicated landing page that has more information. 

I say “hopefully” because in the past I’ve had clients that just added the info about the latest campaign...

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#59: Why Your Nonprofit Needs SEO

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SEO can be a bit of a beast. But it’s oh-so-necessary if you want your website to come up higher when someone does a search on Google for your cause.  

Today’s podcast is a primer on SEO - what it is, what it does and what you can do about it.

Optimizing a website and understanding inbound links, outbound links, keywords and the like is actually a full-time job at some places. Or you’ll have organizations that pay $100 or $400 or even more each month to...

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