#48: 3 Proven Types of $2K-$10K Email Campaigns

donations email marketing fundraising resource tools Aug 24, 2019

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When thinking of nonprofit fundraising, our minds typically go towards the classics: major events with all the bells and whistles (venue, food, drinks, live and silent auctions, raffle prizes); annual campaigns with their letters, postcards and endless followup; maybe peer-to-peer drives, either through a walk-a-thon or social media effort.

But what about an effort that could quickly (two weeks) infuse a substantial amount of money ($2,000 to $10,000) into your nonprofit’s coffers while avoiding the “no money, no time” trap that can hamper big fundraising efforts?

It can be done. With emails

But not just any emails. In today’s podcast, I go over three proven email fundraising campaigns. How do I know that they work? Because we’ve used them, time and time again, to help nonprofits boost their supporter outreach to get donations. 

Today I go over:

  • The three types of proven email fundraising campaigns.
  • The pros and cons of each type of campaign.
  • How you can - in about 20 minutes - go from listening to this podcast to having an actionable plan for your email fundraising campaign

These campaigns not only generate thousands of dollars of additional support for your nonprofit, they allow you to become a fundraising superstar in a shorter amount of time - with little to no marketing budget needed.

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