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#13. 4 Steps To Follow To Get Your Press Releases Picked Up

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You know it’s just a matter of time before this question is asked by your ED or a board member.

Did you send out a press release for --such-n-such-- event, initiative, or announcement?

I didn’t see it in the paper - or hear it on the radio.

Truthfully, how does that make you feel when you’re asked that question?

Do you cringe because….

One, you didn’t send out a media release - no time and no media contacts.  

Or two, you did send out a media...

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How To Pitch Your Nonprofit for Free Media Coverage: Step-by-Step Blueprint Included


We all know the value of free publicity. Getting the word out about your nonprofit is essential for sustaining and growing your organization. It catches the attention of the public, amplifies awareness and adds credibility to the work you are doing.

The question is: How best to get the attention your nonprofit deserves in today’s fast-paced media environment?

In my 20+ years as a marketing professional, I’ve noticed this: nonprofits love the idea of getting free...

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Checklist + Samples to make sure your donation page has all the essential elements needed to convert and collect donations!