#119: How Nonprofits Can Weather a PR Crisis

communication strategy marketer on a mission podcast public relations Apr 29, 2021
Joe McLeod

Despite their good intentions (and sometimes because of them), nonprofits are not immune to PR nightmares.

Just think of the recent examples that have popped up in your newsfeed: the Girl Scouts tweet about U.S. Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett; Wounded Warriors lavish spending; MIT Media Lab’s cozy relationship with Jeffrey Epstein after his conviction on sex offender charges and the coverup that followed.

Often these PR woes are not self-inflicted. In a digital age fueled by negativity and division, it doesn’t take much for an organization to find itself on the receiving end of public criticism.

Joe McLeod, a PR pro with more than 15 years experience in reputation management, talks with Cindy in this Marketer on a Mission episode about how to prepare for a PR crisis - and how to weather the storm if your nonprofits finds itself in the middle of one.

Don’t let your organization wind up being a cautionary tale for other nonprofits. Check out these tips on what to do before, during and after a PR crisis so that it doesn’t impact your ability to fulfill your mission.

Find Joe and his brother Chad on the McLeod Communications website, or check out their “On Message” podcast

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