#124: The 3 Ways Your Nonprofit Communicates

communications marketing strategy podcast public relations Aug 27, 2021

There are three distinct ways your nonprofit communicates with the world. 

The first one you have total control over - it’s your public face that you show in your collaterals, your social media posts, your e-communications, your website and anything you create and release for public consumption.

The second is how others view your organization and the way you respond to their questions, praise or criticism. It’s not as easy - you aren’t in control - but it’s an essential set of skills your organization’s leaders need to master. 

The last are the wonderful one-on-one communications between representatives of your nonprofit and individuals.

Each type of communication deepens your relationship with the outside world, and all of them are essential to your organization. Which is why you need to be transparent and consistent in each and every level. 

Today’s episode covers each of these levels of communication and how to approach them to make sure you are maximizing the communication power you have so that people know who you are, hear what you say AND enthusiastically tell others about you.    

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