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#101: Getting ‘Geeky’ with Google Analytics

Technology and information are wonderful things, but sometimes it’s easy to get lost in all the data.

That’s particularly true when we are trying to measure the success of our marketing efforts.

Take all the metrics that go into a Google Analytics Report. There’s hundreds of them and you can get lost and overwhelmed in all the numbers. 

But there is a way to narrow down the data, and find the right stats to help you make your website better and more welcoming. 


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#93: How To Mobile Optimize Your Nonprofit’s Marketing

Once upon a time, “mobile-friendly” just meant one thing: making sure your website and emails were on templates that were responsive so that they looked as good on a smartphone as they did on your desk or laptop.

But, really, it’s so much more. 

With more than half of all Internet users accessing websites, emails and more through their phones, it’s also about making sure your content is tight and easy to consume. That means text that’s easy to read and...

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#40: 90% of potential donors want to see video. Do you have one?

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Nine out of 10 consumers, including those who are selecting what nonprofits they will support, say that video influences their decision. That’s one of the many reasons why nonprofits need to get into the video game (even if only on their smartphones).

Video is a powerful, it’s emotionally compelling and it can inspire potential supporters to join your cause. And, contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t have to be expensive, time-consuming or technologically...

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#39: Marketer on a Mission: Mobile Fundraising with Christy from MobileCause

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These stats kind of blew my mind.

  • 96% of all Americans own mobile devices
  • 81% are adults with smartphones
  • The average American checks their phone 85 times per day
  • 66% of Baby Boomers currently send text messages
  • Text messages have a 98% open rate
  • 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes of being sent

They more than make the case about the potential and power of mobile marketing for nonprofits these days.

So I asked an expert to help us learn more.

Christy Noel, Vice...

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#37: Don’t Offend Your Donors By NOT Doing This

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Sometimes, marketing efforts for nonprofits can feel like they are conducted in a black box. Why does the same email cause one person to give generously to your cause while prompting another person to hit the “unsubscribe” link.

It doesn’t have to be a mystery. Using one of the many online survey tools, your organization can get priceless insights into what makes your donors tick - and increase the odds that you’ll be able to retain them.

In this episode, I...

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#36: How To Capture The Stories That Communicate The Impact of Your Mission

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Why is it you chose a career in the field of nonprofits?

To make an impact. To give back. To help those in need.

I’m guessing all of the above.  

And as good as it feels to know how many people your organization has served, or how much you’ve collected in donations, those numbers really aren’t why you do what you do, right?

It’s the stories of people in need, people you’ve helped, people who now enjoy better lives because of the work of your ...

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#34: Why and How To Use Instagram’s New Donation Sticker

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The big buzz in the social media world this past month has been the launch of Instagram’s donation sticker. The rollout for this new tool was late last month and already, a Who’s Who of nonprofits have started using it, including: Black Girls Code, Boys and Girls Club of America, the ASPCA, Malala Fund and The Nature Conservancy.

In this episode I do a deep dive on what it is, how it works and if it’s right for your nonprofit, including step-by-step instructions on...

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#33: 13 Marketing Tools *just for nonprofits* To Help Get More Done In Less Time

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Without a doubt, I know you’re a hard working marketer.

Up early checking emails on your phone before you even have your first cup of coffee.

Website updates, social media posts, checking campaigns stats, taking calls and going to meetings all before lunch.

But a busy day doesn’t always mean a productive one. Does it?  

And that can be so frustrating….I know!

But, there are tools you can use to help make even the busiest days super productive.


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#32: THE No-Cost Marketing Funnel That Gets People To Give Sooner….Not Later

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It’s no secret why digital marketing is so popular for nonprofits trying to build awareness and create connections. It’s faster, cheaper and easier than many aspects of traditional marketing and it shortens the time frame between someone becoming aware of your cause, learning more about it and ultimately supporting it.

But digital marketing is not just about having a website, an e-communication program and a Facebook page. It’s about creating that flow of...

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#30: A Power Tool To Make You a Better Nonprofit Marketer….and so much more!

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There are certain things that we do that not only make us healthier, happier human beings, they make us more effective doing the work we love. Getting enough sleep, eating right and exercising are the Big Three.

But there’s another one you might want to try if you aren’t doing it: meditating.

This is the tool I turn to time and again in both my personal and professional life. It not only reduces stress, it helps boost my creativity. It’s the break I treat myself too...

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