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#103: Celebrate Fall in Your Marketing

Fall always feels like a special time for renewal, which makes the season a perfect time to shift gears in our marketing outreach. That may be true particularly this year, after months of uncertainty, fear, and devastating headlines. 

Taking advantage of this time to “lighten up” your marketing outreach doesn’t mean you should ignore what’s going on in the world or be insensitive to it. But it might be a time to stress optimism - in our ability to ultimately...

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#99: New Donor Digital Marketing Funnel

In this extraordinary time, with all the extra effort it now takes to stay connected with the people we already know, it might be tempting to only focus on current donors instead of looking for new ones. 

It’s understandable. The stats tell us it takes more effort and expense to acquire new donors than to retain the people already sold on our cause. But finding and cultivating new supporters is essential - especially now when the churn rate of your active donors might be higher...

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