#28: HOW do I build my nonprofits email list?

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The evidence shows that email communication is still a vital tool in your nonprofit’s strategy to raise awareness, retain donors and find new supporters.

To tap into the true potential for email marketing, you need to keep building your email list. It’s a question you should ask yourself - what could your nonprofit do if you had more people to contact?

There’s some right ways (and a couple of very wrong ones) to go about growing your contact list and in this podcast, I dive into the methods I know work when you want to actively pursue new subscribers to your email communications.

It doesn’t involve a little “sign up for our e-newsletter” or “join here” button at the bottom of your website. And it definitely doesn’t involve purchasing or otherwise obtaining a list from a third party, which can easily backfire on you.

Instead it’s about leveraging your expertise in a way that attracts people sympathetic to your mission and brings them (and their emails) into the fold.

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