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#56: How Your Nonprofit Can Leverage Content

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In the nonprofit marketing world, content is king. It's what emotionally connects your cause to your audience, helping you retain current supporters - and find new ones. 

And content creation has amazing ROI - it’s something that you (or a talented volunteer) can develop at little to no cost, other than the time you take to do it. 

Today’s episode covers three key aspects of your nonprofit's content: 

  • how to audit what you have to make sure it is current...
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Why Storytelling is Essential to Marketing Your Nonprofit


What do Aesop, Harry Chapin, and Stephen King have in common? 

They are all awesome storytellers. The ideas and themes they impart stay with you because of the tales they weave:

  • You could tell a child that he should not make a habit of lying because he might not be believed when he tells the truth - or you could share the story of the boy who cried “wolf.”

  • You could warn a new father that he shouldn’t work all the time – or you could just play him...
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How to Capture Stories that Communicate the Impact of your Mission


When telling your nonprofit’s story - in a speech, on your website or even as part of a grant proposal – there’s a temptation to stick with statistics. How many people you’ve helped, how much you’ve raised, how far you’ve come – your organization has made progress and you’ve got the numbers to prove it!

Don’t get me wrong, you should be super proud of your organization’s success and those statistics are worth...

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