#129: 7 Tips to Tell Your Nonprofit’s Story

communication strategy podcast storytelling Oct 08, 2021

Nonprofit marketing and communication professionals understand the power of storytelling. They are eager to share the stories of the people, groups of causes they have helped. And it’s easy to see why. These are probably the most emotionally compelling stories we share - the ones that illustrate perfectly the impact a nonprofit has.

But they aren’t the only stories you should tell.

In this episode, we address how to tell the story of your own nonprofit. From your history to your mission statement to the inside scoop on how you do the work you do - all of these aspects of your story are important.

And how you share that information is almost as important as the story you tell. Because if you do it right, you will build the trust you need to support your cause, and appreciation of the effort that goes into your program of work. 

Learn more with these 7 Tips to Tell Your Nonprofit’s story. 

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P.S. In this podcast, I mention the wonderful Lori Butterworth, who founded Jacob’s Heart Children Cancer Services, who did an amazing job sharing the story of her nonprofit in this Ted Talk

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