#18 Marketer on a Mission: Doubling Donors in Two Short Years

communication strategy donor attraction donor retention fundraising marketer on a mission marketing strategy podcast Jan 27, 2019

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Raise your hand if you’d like to attract a few more donors each month?

How about if you were able to double the amount of active donors you currently have?

If you’re waving both hands in the air like they’re on fire, then let me introduce you to McKenzie Simmons, Senior Director of Mission Advancement at Cancer Support Community of Arizona.

On today’s show, as my first ‘Marketer on a Mission’ podcast guest, McKenzie openly shares how she and her team doubled the organizations active donor base in two short years, and what she’s doing to make sure those donors stay connected to the cause long term - because as you know, that’s when the work really ramps up.  

McKenzie talks about where time should be spent to get closer to donors, and how to balance out the ask with the reward.

It’s a conversation about how to connect donors to the heart of your organization that might just motivate you to do things a little differently when it comes to attracting and retaining donors.

This episode could very well help you double the amount of active donors you currently have at your nonprofit.

Don’t miss it.

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