#52: How Your ‘Thank You’ Email Can Boost Donations

donations donor retention email marketing fundraising podcast Sep 21, 2019

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Beyond good manners, why is it important to thank people for their donations? 

In addition to the practical reason of acknowledging the gift and sending a receipt, saying thank you can be the start - or continuation - of a beautiful partnership with your benefactor.

It’s your chance to educate them about the impact their gift will have; to make them more aware of how they, by donating to you, are helping to change the world. And every time you do - because you should thank you donors more than once during the year - you show how much you value your donors as individuals instead of just for what they do for your organization.

In this Episode:

  • I discuss a study that shows a correlation between thank you messages and increased donations by the donors who receive them. 
  • Ways your initial thank you can turn a one-time donation into a recurring gift using “cognitive momentum”
  • Fun, easy ways to thank your donors throughout the year.

It’s just one more way your email can be used as part of your fundraising toolbox.

Episode #11 - A Thank You Study That is Doubling Donations

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