A Monthly Email Marketing Strategy to Generate Donor Dollars (it can be done)

digital marketing donations email marketing fundraising marketing strategy Jun 02, 2017

Part 3: Tips, Tricks & Swipes for your Monthly Email Marketing Strategy

Putting it All Together to Generate Donor Dollars

Yay - You’ve done it!

You’ve made it to the last part of our series on creating a quick and easy monthly email marketing strategy that generates donor dollars. You’ve developed your content, you’ve mapped out your calendar, and now you are ready to put it all together.

This is the fun part where all your work comes to fruition with some powerful communications. Emails that are going to inspire your audience to see your organization the way you do: meaningful, relevant, making an important impact – and deserving of their donations.

So here’s some final tips and tricks to help you wrap up your email marketing strategy like a pro.


Here’s a couple of basic ones:

The Subject Line of Your Email. Yes, we are starting with the toughest one first. How to capture someone’s attention in less than 60 characters (or less than 30 if they are reading this on their phone).

  • Get to the point fast
  • Avoid spam triggers (words like “Help” “FREE” “OPEN” “NOW” or using the recipient’s name in the subject line)
  • Step away from the Caps Lock Key (all caps is the digital equivalent of yelling at someone)
  • Like puns, alliteration & rhymes? Go for it, just make sure it’s not groan-inducing

Your Opening Salutation. Great – they’ve opened your email. Now make sure you keep them interested.

  • Personalize that email. No “Dear Friends” or “Dear Subscribers.” You are fostering a relationship and your target needs to know that you know his or her name.
  • Create a brief intro to your subject and why they should keep reading.

The Main Themes. In the 20 plus years I’ve been working with nonprofits I’ve found there are three basic emails that have consistently generated results.

  • Those that tell a story
  • Third party testimonials
  • Celebrations

The Call to Action

  • Tell them what action you want them to take, and be specific about dollar amounts and the time frame if it’s a donation related communication.
  • Reiterate why you are worthy of their support
  • Link that CTA to a safe, simple and secure donation form.

You are now marketing like a pro with one powerful email marketing strategy that is going to ease your mind and fuel your mission with monthly donor dollars. Yes, ma’am. You did it!


Cheers to your email marketing success! Time to go make it happen.