#66: Want Better Email Open Rates in 2020? Make It Personal.

communication strategy email marketing marketing strategy personalization podcast Jan 05, 2020

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Welcome to 2020!

One way to make it more likely that your emails are seen (and opened) this year is to employ personalization. Personalization makes your emails feel more like one-to-one conversations instead of a generic, mass communication.

So what is personalization? Basically, it’s taking what you know about your audiences and leveraging that information to make your emails more personal. The simplest version of personalization is using a person’s name in the email subject line or within the greeting of your email. But personalization can be much more than that, and that’s what we’ll be discussing in today’s podcast.

So get ready to rev up your email outreach in the New Year and develop stronger relationships with your supporters to move your mission forward in 2020.


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