#138: Make 2022 Your Data-Driven Year

communication strategy email marketing events marketing strategy podcast Dec 16, 2021

When I’m advising my nonprofit clients, I warn them to stick to the stories when communicating their mission and why they need and deserve support. Stories are what engage, provoke and prompt people to action. 

Without proper context, however, data is dull, metrics are meaningless, and numbers can numb. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be looking at your numbers - particularly when judging the effectiveness of your various marketing efforts. 

Whether it’s the size of your Facebook reach, the visitors who come to your site each month, or the number of clicks on that call-to-action button in your e-communications, numbers, and data are important.

If stories are the best way to communicate what you do and why you do it, data will help guide how you share those stories so they have the greatest impact.

In this podcast, I’ll be asking you to take a step back from the heart-warming stories that illustrate your work; take a cold, hard look at your numbers; and let 2022 be your data-driven year.

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