#104: Marketer on a Mission: Gabe Cooper of Virtuous Software

communication strategy development donor retention marketer on a mission podcast Oct 17, 2020
Gabe Cooper of Virtuous Software

Making a donation may be one of the most personal things we do, yet most nonprofits need help with connecting with their donors on a personal level, says Gabe Cooper, founder and CEO of Virtuous Software, a responsive CRM and marketing platform.

In this Marketer on a Mission interview, we discuss how nonprofits can use CRM programs to:

  • Listen to their donors by pulling in data points about their donations, engagement, demographics and even where they go on your website;
  • Connect with them by using automation in a way that streamlines your communications and takes some of the burden off small nonprofit staffs; and 
  • Suggest the right things to the right donor at the right time. (Because if a person who just gave $5,000 to your cause gets a letter asking for a donation two weeks later, they are going to wonder if you really know them at all.)

Gabe also gives his advice on the data points nonprofits should be looking at as they plan their end of year giving campaigns and offers some optimism about fundraising in this time of upheaval. People typically are more generous during difficult times, he says, because in all this uncertainty, they want to do good in the world. 

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