Fire Up Your Fundraising

digital marketing events fundraising marketing strategy Jul 06, 2017

I recently attended another fundraising event hosted by one of the many wonderful nonprofits in my community as I typically do nearly every month. 

As you know, organizing a fundraising events takes tons of work. As someone who’s been behind the scenes planning, organizing, marketing and occasionally even emceeing nonprofit events, I’m super sensitive to all the details, and appreciative of what it takes to put on a successful fundraiser.

This event was well organized, fun and entertaining. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

BUT . . . as I watched the event unfold, I knew with near certainty it didn’t generate the support the nonprofit was hoping for.

Maybe you know how it goes. 

The “ask” is made, whether it’s a live auction item or a direct call to contribute – and cue the crickets. Engagement is minimal. People aren’t rushing to yell out a bid, or grabbing a pen to fill out contribution cards or pulling out their phones to text a donation.

You can feel the pressure and you can sense the disappointment from the one making the ask. Not to mention the heavy hearts of board members in attendance and the CEO (maybe that’s you) on the sidelines who just wants to get to work and help as many people in need as possible.

It’s a fundraising flop, and in those moments my heart sinks.

With so many hard working agents of change doing all they can for those in need, fundraising events should bring a boom of support that engages and inspires new and long-time donors to give big with passion and purpose.

I’ve seen it done and I’ve helped make it happen. 

After 20 plus years working with nonprofits, guiding and supporting their marketing and fundraising efforts, here’s what I know works best.

People have to feel connected to the cause and inspired to give.

Stats and studies don’t inspire giving.

Scripted messages don’t move people.

Fun events don’t always generate funds.

But there is a formula that I know works, and I want to share it with you today. I lovingly call it The Nonprofit Fire Up Fundraising Formula. The best part: it’s easy because it’s authentic and real.

It’s just a matter of following a simple sequence of talking points (not a script) with a few strategic details that help pull it all together to inspire giving.

As a nonprofit, fundraising is simply part of your business practice. A super important, large part of your business practice that allows you to fulfill your mission and make positive change in this world, right?

So it has to be embraced. You have to become not only skilled, but comfortable and even excited and highly motivated to fundraise. Does that sound crazy?

Well, it doesn’t have to.

Take a peek at this Fire Up Fundraising Formula and give a little time and thought to complete the worksheet. I promise, it will provide a framework that will inspire giving if spoken in your authentic voice. Big Giving! I’ve seen it work many times over and I know it can work for you too.

CLICK HERE to Fire Up Your Fundraising.

I believe with all my heart you can do it. 

And please know with sincere hope and promise, I want each and every fundraising event you organize and host to be a huge success so that you can continue doing the amazing work you do in this world.

I truly admire YOU!