#97: Your Nonprofit Marketing Funnel Fix

communication strategy digital marketing podcast website Aug 08, 2020

When you have a special campaign - either to raise funds, promote an event, recruit volunteers, or get others to advocate on your behalf - you’ll have several ways you get the word out. Maybe it’s an email or a social media post. And that will often involve driving folks to your website, hopefully to a dedicated landing page that has more information. 

I say “hopefully” because in the past I’ve had clients that just added the info about the latest campaign onto their home page. 

Each special campaign you do deserves its own dedicated landing page. There’s too much competition on your home page and typically, there’s not enough space to do your campaign justice. 

Today I’m going to dive into the best practices (and pitfalls to avoid) when creating your landing pages. They are simple guidelines that don’t require you to be an IT expert or website designing wiz. In fact, simpler is better when it comes to landing pages, but you still need some basic compelling elements that turn general interest into conversions.


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