#96: Top 10 Social Media Posting Tips for Your Nonprofit

digital marketing marketing strategy podcast social media Jul 25, 2020

Let’s face it: for most of us responsible for social media content, it can sometimes feel like we’re on a hamster wheel. I think this is particularly true if you’re planning out a week or two weeks or even a month of posts. 

You have messaging, you absolutely believe in your cause, but how do you keep it engaging when it feels you are saying the same thing over-and-over-and-over again? How do you keep yourself engaged, much less your target audience? 

This podcast offers a handful of unique ideas and approaches so you can not only craft posts that captivate folks scrolling by, but also make writing those messages an enjoyable experience -  as opposed to a marketing chore. 

I hope these 10 ideas will spark your inner creativity about new ideas and ways to make social media an effective, enjoyable, and a highly valuable part of your marketing mix.  

Don’t ever doubt that your personal energy and excitement about what you are doing as a marketing professional is reflected in your work. Keeping yourself motivated about marketing your mission is critically important.


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