#80: Testimonials Easy as 1-2-3 ✅

communication strategy marketing strategy podcast testimonials Apr 04, 2020

Testimonials for nonprofits can’t provide the “main meal” of your marketing messaging about your cause. By themselves, they don’t illustrate how you are meeting needs, and they don’t offer the important details concerning your programs or how they work. They are too brief and, honestly, too subjective for that.

Instead, I think of them as the seasoning for your meal - the salt or pepper or hot sauce of your marketing efforts. 

They lend credibility to your cause when you’re asking for money. They serve to validate how you are fulfilling your mission. They vouch for you in a way that you can’t for yourself because they are a third party. 

Today we talk about who to ask for a testimonial, what you might want to ask them and where to use those powerful quotes once you get them.

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