#79: How To Move In-Person Fundraising Events Online

events fundraising marketing strategy podcast Mar 29, 2020

There is one big hit that many nonprofits are facing right now - the cancellation or postponement of events that they were counting on to raise needed support to continue their missions.  

From Spring Galas, to fundraising walks and runs, notices of postponements and cancellations keep pouring in. Nonprofits are being forced to make what might feel like untenable decisions. 

But the good news is that there is a Plan B - a way to fill the fundraising gap digitally.

There are lots of people who want to help your organization. Who are ready, willing and able to step up in this unique time of need. Today’s podcast can help you connect with them through virtual gatherings or fundraising events that you put together.


Also, I mentioned an interview I had earlier this year with the founder of the ATHENA Awards - a woman who always inspires me. Here’s the link to that interview.


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