#73: How You Can Captivate with Content

communication strategy content creation marketing strategy podcast Feb 22, 2020

What the heck is content anyway?

This comes up a lot when I work with my nonprofit clients as we create their marketing strategy. Often it’s because they think content is only one thing - the written prose used in their blogs, e-communications or social media posts.

But content is so much more. At its most basic, it’s anything that you create in any format that educates, informs or inspires people about your nonprofit.  

This episode goes into what content is and my simple 3-part recipe to create relevant, meaningful, quality content. 

Here are the highlights:

  • [7:10]: The exception to the “don’t start with stats” rule.
  • [9:20]: A powerful opening isn’t enough: how to follow through with the details.
  • [11:50]: Why “Donate Now” shouldn’t be your only Call-To-Action
  • [14:40]: The type of content that any nonprofit sector can use that naturally fits into this formula.

I also talk about the right way to go about capturing the content that may be the most powerful story you have to share - the impact of your organization on a client. Interviewing clients to get the history, the emotion, and the story behind the stats is a delicate matter. Which is why I’m sharing my Nonprofit Storytelling Interview Guide. 

It offers ways that you can comfortably gather the compelling and memorable aspects of your clients’ stories while respecting their privacy and truth. And it shows what you can do before, during and after the interview process with your clients to make it easy for you and painless for them. 

Download it here.

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