#60: 5 Marketing Tips To Keep Major Donors

donor retention fundraising major donors marketing strategy podcast Nov 16, 2019

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Major donors to nonprofits are a different breed - and it’s not only because of the size of their gifts. 

Studies show that they tend to be the most consistent supporters of nonprofit organizations, giving year after year, even during economic downturns. They might have a greater feeling of ownership in your organization and are more concerned with the bigger picture. Typically, major donors aren’t just there to support this program or that initiative; they are looking to change the world.

All of this means that your outreach to this special audience is a little different than your typical marketing. 

Today’s podcast includes my top tips on keeping Major Donors engaged and showing your appreciation in ways that specifically speak to them.
Also, in today’s podcast, I mentioned some stats from the amazing Gail Perry of Fired Up Fundraising, the absolute queen of strategies for acquiring and keep major donors. You can check out her website here.


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