#50: The Emails Behind a $25K Campaign

development email marketing fundraising podcast Sep 07, 2019

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About this time last year, a client of mine got some wonderful news. It had won a contract to run the region’s animal shelter. Now it could put into practice all of the things it wanted to see in a local animal shelter - a shift from “animal control” to “animal care”; initiatives that would increase adoptions and reduce surrenders; programs that would ensure that no animal lost its life because of a lack of space, funds or because the animal had a disease that was treatable. 

But, now that it had won the contract, it needed to get the new shelter up and running in about 90 days. YIKES. 

They needed a low-cost, high impact fundraiser to help supplement the funding they would receive under the contract. Something that would help defray the costs of things like food, beds, dog and kitty toys, and much more.

Today’s podcast is the story of how they were able to raise more than $25,000 in just 10 days without a major event, mailers or anything else they didn’t already have on hand.

How did they do it? Email.

Take a listen as I give you a step-by-step behind the scenes account of how a successful fundraising email campaign helped launch a new animal shelter.

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