Marketer on a Mission [Revisited!]: How To Use Facebook Ads To Market Your Mission with Liz Melville

facebook advertising marketer on a mission marketing strategy podcast Aug 16, 2019

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Sometimes a podcast is so nice, you have to listen twice. 

If you didn’t catch my original podcast back in April with the phenomenal Liz Melville, a Marketer on a Mission and expert on Facebook advertising strategies, you are in for a treat. And if you did listen to this back a few months ago, I urge you to hit the replay button because she gave out so many tips and tricks, it’s likely you’ll hear something you missed the first time.

Liz is a well-respected social media strategist based in the United Kingdom who truly understands the power of Facebook ads to identify new audiences for your nonprofit, build those relationships and ultimately convert them into donors. But here’s the real bonus to Liz’s advice - it’s highly understandable and actionable. She is a master at demystifying what is sometimes an intimidating advertising platform.

In the podcast, Liz goes over her “ABCs” for using Facebook ads and not letting the advertising module intimidate you. She’ll share her tips for successful campaigns, including:

  • How to leverage the information you already have to create a new audience of Facebook users who share key characteristics with the people who already support your nonprofit.
  • How offering helpful information can raise awareness of your nonprofit on Facebook - even to people who don’t already like your page.
  • How a limited investment of time and money on a Facebook ad can teach you what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to go with your strongest messaging and approach and increasing your ROI when it’s time to do a major campaign.
  • Why boosting a post and creating an ad aren’t the same thing (and which one Facebook takes more seriously)

As a smart marketer, you know that if you try to spread the word to everyone about your nonprofit, you’ll wind up reaching no one. But Facebook ads are built to help you narrow the field to those core people who are most likely to appreciate your mission and, when the time comes, offer up their time, talent or treasure to sustain it.

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