#43: The Prime Time To Power Up for Marketing Success

podcast surveys Jul 20, 2019

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Do you sometimes feel like July is a wasted month for your nonprofit? The calendar slows to a crawl, folks are on vacation, and it’s hard to believe you’ll get anything substantial done. It’s time to shake off those summer doldrums; summer is actually the prime time for you and your organization to get your strategic marketing ducks in a row.

Remember all the times you said during the year that you would do “x” if you had the time? Well, now you do. Let’s take advantage of it!

In this episode, I chat about how you can turn the “summer slump” into a chance to power up your strategic marketing by:

  • Reading up on the latest nonprofit marketing trends
  • Researching new avenues of financial support for your organization
  • Creating surveys to check in with your current donors, board or advocates

Enjoy these ideas of how to take advantage of the summer slowdown - or whenever your slower season might be - to position your nonprofit for even greater marketing success for the rest of the year.

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