#37: Don’t Offend Your Donors By NOT Doing This

marketing strategy marketing tools podcast surveys Jun 08, 2019

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Sometimes, marketing efforts for nonprofits can feel like they are conducted in a black box. Why does the same email cause one person to give generously to your cause while prompting another person to hit the “unsubscribe” link.

It doesn’t have to be a mystery. Using one of the many online survey tools, your organization can get priceless insights into what makes your donors tick - and increase the odds that you’ll be able to retain them.

In this episode, I discuss:

  • The many benefits of surveying your donors
  • Some guidelines that will help increase survey responses
  • The right questions to ask (even to lapsed donors) that will give you the information you need to understand your donors better - and market your cause more effectively to them.

Relationships are always better when they are a two-way street. Surveys open the lines of communication, ensure that you are talking with your donors instead of at them.

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