#40: 90% of potential donors want to see video. Do you have one?

marketing strategy marketing tools podcast surveys Jun 29, 2019

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Nine out of 10 consumers, including those who are selecting what nonprofits they will support, say that video influences their decision. That’s one of the many reasons why nonprofits need to get into the video game (even if only on their smartphones).

Video is a powerful, it’s emotionally compelling and it can inspire potential supporters to join your cause. And, contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t have to be expensive, time-consuming or technologically daunting. 

In today’s podcast, I give you a roadmap to creating a video for your nonprofit in 10 steps, and break down the process so it’s not overwhelming.

I'll go over:

  • Why you need to define the overall objective of your video before you write down the first word of your script;
  • Different types of videos you can create to promote your nonprofit and its work;
  • Inexpensive tools that can help you create a good video without a videographer.

This is the process I use with my nonprofit clients to create video assets that can be used over and over again in many ways and on many platforms.

My friends, video marketing is not slowing down; in fact, it’s growing at an exponential rate. Don’t miss out because of fears that it might be more difficult or costly for your organization.

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