#24: How To Market Your Mission Efficiently AND Effectively

communication strategy email marketing fundraising social media Mar 11, 2019

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Marketing automation has really ramped up nonprofits’ ability to reach more people more often and to keep in touch with your donors, volunteers, partners, and supporters. Even on those days when there’s no chance to make a call or send a personal missive, automation makes sure you are top of mind through texts, emails or social media posts.

But is all this automation a bad thing? Do you sacrifice effectiveness in order to get efficiency? Does it make things too impersonal?

It doesn’t have to.

In this episode I do a deep dive on the real power (and possible pitfalls) of marketing automation. We’ll talk about:

  • What actions can trigger automation
  • The  super-power of segmentation
  • How even automatic messages can be personalized
  • The perils of “send it and forget it”

Automation is a great tool that, with a little planning, can save you time and money without sacrificing the “personal touch” that nurtures your relationship with your nonprofit’s supporters.

And speaking of nurturing… during the podcast, I mentioned a brand new resource I’ve just released that I’m super excited about. If you’re working on your communication game plan to turn new donors into long-term supporters of your organization, this resource is for you.

It’s my New Donor Messaging Guide. It will help you balance the power of automation like I talked about in today’s podcast with the importance of personalization needed to make new donors feel special (because, as you know they are!)

This guide gives you step-by-step help on how to develop a series of automated communications that will save you time, while nurturing new donors. 

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