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#94: An Essential Mid-Year Marketing Review for Your Nonprofit

communication strategy marketing strategy podcast Jul 05, 2020

In a “normal” year, it would be advisable right about now for you to look at the big plans you made for your nonprofit’s marketing in 2020, give an honest look at what you were able to accomplish so far and adjust as needed for the remaining six months of the year.

In 2020, the era of pandemic, economic shutdown and civil rights protests, it’s not just advisable, it’s essential.

It’s time for you to look at those plans you made in January, when it’s possible you hadn’t really even heard of coronavirus and assess where you are at now. Don’t give up on the rest of the year - there are ways to adjust your plans, pursue new possibilities and break down your big goals into manageable milestones. 

It requires an unflinching assessment. It requires creativity. It requires a willingness to “pivot” (no matter how much we hate that term right now). But it can be done.

This episode of the podcast takes you through a four-point plan for your mid-year review, and suggestions on how those strategies and tactics you were so jazzed about in January can still be achieved by year’s end.


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