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#89: What Draws People To Your Cause?

communication strategy marketing strategy podcast May 31, 2020

As we tentatively make the shift from crisis response to economic recovery, it’s time for nonprofits to get back to the basics of building relationships with their audiences. 

And that means working on building relationships and some variation on that dreaded term “increasing engagement.” Engage more donors, have more engaging content, build more engagement strategies. 

What the heck does it all really mean? Why is it so important? And how do you do it?  

Today’s episode dives into actionable strategies your nonprofit can take to attract attention, draw people to your cause and ultimately get them to support your nonprofit with their talent, time or treasure.

Highlights include:

  • Content is king and that’s why you need to crown a Content King or Queen for your organization.
  • Why some “baby step” calls to action will solidify your relationships with new followers.
  • How to make things simple for your potential supporters when you make your big ask for support.

Content creation is the foundation for building your relationships and increasing engagement. If you need to come up with ideas for content that will captivate, download my brainstorming workbook below with the questions that will trigger great ideas.

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