#76: Need Bigger Sponsorships? Try This.

marketing strategy podcast sponsorships Mar 14, 2020

I often get asked whether smaller nonprofits really have a chance when they try to secure corporate sponsorship for their cause, that kind of deep-pockets support that can be transformative for a nonprofit.  

These nonprofits often compare themselves to larger organizations, which often have a dedicated development staff pursuing big grants and gifts. “How can my cause compete?” they ask. 

Starting out you might want to begin with smaller, more local levels of support. But don’t count bigger corporations out. Why?

Because supporting you gives them two amazing things: 

  1. A pretty inexpensive way of marketing their company. 
  2. A chance to show they are a good corporate citizen.

Don’t undersell that last point. According to a 2018 survey, American consumers are more likely to patronize companies that they consider responsible and caring. And part of the way those companies demonstrate those desirable qualities is by supporting causes like yours. 

Today’s episode is all about how to pursue both kinds of business sponsors - your Mom and Pops around the corner, and the large corporations who might not even be based in your local area - but are perfectly aligned with the good work you are doing.



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