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#75: Your Small Nonprofit’s Biggest Asset

marketing strategy podcast Mar 07, 2020

As a small nonprofit, you have a big mission, big plans, big dreams, big goals and big problems that you’re working hard every day to address through your organization. Sometimes you might be tempted to wish you had some of the assets of larger organizations to accomplish more.

But one of the biggest assets you have at your small nonprofit is the very fact that you are small.

It makes you more nimble to address problems in real time. It lessens the amount of red tape you have to go through to launch marketing or fundraising efforts. It can just make things more flexible and simpler all around. 

That doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges associated with being a small nonprofit, but those can be addressed with some strategic thinking and planning. 

For example, I mentioned a client that was a symphony orchestra that needed to make a video on a shoestring and was able to by employing a student and some archival photos. You can see the results here.

Here’s the big three I always hear about from my friends in the nonprofit world.

  • 15:03: How to build awareness for your small nonprofit when you're in the shadow of all the biggies like the American Cancer Society or the Red Cross or other large nonprofits. 
  • 17:37: How to do effective outreach and marketing on a shoestring budget.
  • 28:57: How to keep brand consistency when marketing tasks might be spread around among multiple staffers and volunteers.

As to that last point, I mention a resource tool in the podcast that can help with consistency and that’s developing a style guide. If you want to take a deeper dive, check out my podcast on Why Your Nonprofit Needs Style here or you can just download my style guide checklist below. 

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