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#70: Marketing & Psychology - Why Giving Feels So Good

communication strategy marketing strategy podcast Feb 01, 2020

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Why does giving feel so good? 

Today we explore the psychology behind “neuromarketing,” why scientists believe that generosity is hard-wired into our psyches - and how nonprofit marketers can tap into and honor those altruistic impulses.

Not only that, but I’ll discuss some practical examples of the things your nonprofit can do that will help potential donors to give to your organization. 

Because even though most of us have generous impulses, it still requires getting the right message at the right time in front of the right people to get that person’s generous feelings to turn to your cause or mission.

But understanding the psychology behind giving will help your heart-centered organization improve the world in ways that go beyond your mission statement. It will give you the power to impact not only the clients you serve, but the people who join you on the journey by donating their money, time or talents.

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