#59: Why Your Nonprofit Needs SEO

marketing strategy podcast seo website Nov 09, 2019

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SEO can be a bit of a beast. But it’s oh-so-necessary if you want your website to come up higher when someone does a search on Google for your cause.  

Today’s podcast is a primer on SEO - what it is, what it does and what you can do about it.

Optimizing a website and understanding inbound links, outbound links, keywords and the like is actually a full-time job at some places. Or you’ll have organizations that pay $100 or $400 or even more each month to improve their SEO and search results. It’s that big of a deal. 

But, I know that as a nonprofit, the likelihood that you have that kind of time or money is somewhere between slim and none. So I wanted to offer you some easy, low-hanging fruit in the SEO world that you can do yourself.

I also mention Neil Patel, a guru in the SEO world, and to check out his expert advice on SEO at, or even better, his awesome YouTube Channel where he posts new videos three times a week.


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