#34: Why and How To Use Instagram’s New Donation Sticker

marketing strategy marketing tools podcast May 18, 2019

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The big buzz in the social media world this past month has been the launch of Instagram’s donation sticker. The rollout for this new tool was late last month and already, a Who’s Who of nonprofits have started using it, including: Black Girls Code, Boys and Girls Club of America, the ASPCA, Malala Fund and The Nature Conservancy.

In this episode I do a deep dive on what it is, how it works and if it’s right for your nonprofit, including step-by-step instructions on setting up the new sticker in your IG stories (the only place you can use the sticker.).

Here are the highlights:

  • 1:25 - We talk about the scope of Instagram, it’s demographic makeup and how to determine if that aligns with your nonprofit’s marketing and fundraising strategies;
  • 7:45 - The two ways you can incorporate the donation sticker into your Instagram account (and why posts that disappear after 24 hours is a good thing for your nonprofit).
  • 11:22 - The added benefit your organization will get when someone donates to you via Instagram. Spoiler alert: it’s so much better than Facebook!

Don’t let the newest innovation for nonprofit marketing and fundraising overwhelm you. You know who your donor base is and who you want it to be. If Instagrams isn’t the right fit, that’s okay. But if it is, this can be an amazing tool for you.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Email Template announcing new Instagram Donation Sticker:

Hi [First Name],

We have some exciting news! As a supporter of [your org name] you can now use a sticker in Instagram Stories to fundraise for us. The Instagram donation sticker lets you tell the story of why you support us and fundraise.

This [month] we are asking our supporters to use the new Instagram Donation Sticker to help us raise money for [Insert description of specific program].  As a supporter of [your org name], you can help us raise awareness and fundraise for [impact made]. Every $[XX] raised is [impact created]. Create an Instagram Story, add a donation sticker and share with your friends.

For instructions on how to create an Instagram Story go here.

Learn more about the donation sticker here.

Thank you for your support!

[Your org name]

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