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#20: Nonprofits Love-Hate Relationship with Social Media Marketing

marketing strategy podcast social media Feb 11, 2019

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As nonprofit marketers this one might be a little hard for us to admit.

It’s that love-hate relationship we have with social media marketing.

Love it when it brings people closer to our cause, gets people engaged and excited about the impact of our mission.

When lovely comments are posted, posts are shared with lots of likes, and of course when donations are made through social media.

Those are for sure the ‘love social media’ days.

Hate it when no one seems to notice or care - no likes, shares or comments.

And even worse, when those who do engage don’t have anything nice to say.

Those are the deflated, why the heck are we using social media ‘hate days.’

If you want to feel more love around your social media marketing efforts...

If you’re trying to figure out how to use social media to really move your mission forward….

If you desperately want to lighten your social media load, but not sure how to go about making that happen...

In this episode I share the nonprofit social media planning process and 4-areas of focus that made my love-hate relationship with social media marketing a game changer for me and my nonprofit clients.

I talk about:

  • Determining which social media platforms you should be using.
  • How to create a foolproof social media communications strategy that includes me walking you through step-by-step the process we use to effectively produce and manage social media calendars for nonprofits.

Plus, my Social Media Content Calendar Template so that when you’re done listening to this episode you’ve got a tool in hand to strategically build out your social media content in an efficient and effective way so that you can move on to all the other important work you need to do.

No matter if you’re just starting out or steadily growing your nonprofit social media marketing strategy, these tips will help you streamline the process, saving you time and frustration, all while making your efforts that much more productive and enjoyable - seriously - you can actually have fun with this.

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