#144: 5 Ways to Grow Your Email List

email marketing marketing strategy podcast Feb 03, 2022

Nonprofits spend a lot of time thinking about how to attract new supporters. Worried about donor churn or dwindling ranks or volunteers, they are on the lookout for new people who share their passion and are willing to commit their time, talent and treasure for a cause.  

One of the best methods to pave the way for these new supporters is to first get them to subscribe to your nonprofit’s emails. 

And just like with donors, it’s more cost-effective to keep the subscribers you have (typically by consistently offering top-notch quality in your e-newsletters and other communications). That doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t stop courting new email subscribers. 

But what are the best ways to win new subscribers?

In this episode, we talk about several methods of acquiring new email subscribers and how they should be nurtured, so that when you ask them for a donation or help in furthering your cause, they are well-informed about your nonprofit and why giving to you would be a good investment. 

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