#136: Get to Know Your Donors

communication strategy donor retention podcast Dec 01, 2021

Often nonprofits fall into two camps in terms of how they perceive their donors. 

On the one hand is the “us versus them” prism, where your donor seems like a fickle source of support. It’s almost like your communications to them disappear into a black box, and you can’t tell why one call to action worked while another was a total dud. 

The other extreme is to assume that donors are a mirror image or you (or perhaps your board). But it’s very likely that even though you have your nonprofit in common, it’s very likely your donor base is much more diverse than you might imagine.

But you don’t have to make assumptions about your donors or what motivates them, and it doesn’t have to be a mystery. There are several different strategies you can use to get to know your supporters. And when you make that effort, your marketing will be far more effective.

Plus, besides the obvious benefit of retaining donors, doing this will help you appreciate the work you do in a new way.

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